There is no peace of mind if you are one illness away from bankruptcy.
District 17 is rapidly becoming a popular place to retire. This is a good thing, but we must plan ahead for an aging population that will soon need specialized healthcare support. We can do more for our seniors, and we must. We also need to look again at the expansion of Medicaid. We send millions of tax dollars to the federal government, and they are handing it out like candy to other states to provide healthcare services to their low-income people. This is a very bad deal for Tennessee. We need that money in Tennessee to pay for the healthcare needs of our people here at home. Failure to expand Medicaid has left billions on the table that would have increased access to health care, addressed the opioid epidemic, and kept rural hospitals in Tennessee open. It is time to quit cutting off our nose just to spite our face!

School Safety

It is past time for significant action on the school safety epidemic.
Each day, Tennessee has a contract with parents to keep their children safe from the time they get to school or on the bus until the time they return home. As a teacher who has worked in two different schools where school shootings have occurred, Delynn has first-hand experience with the school violence epidemic we face – noting that often nothing gets done. Funding has to be the first piece of the puzzle so Delynn has suggested that the Tennessee Lottery dedicate a game, solely for the purpose of making significant safety upgrades to our schools and partially subsidizing the salaries of school safety officers until local school districts can afford to absorb the extra costs. This is real action that can help.

Living Wage

Happiness can be found in a living wage job.
The exodus of our best and brightest minds continues year after year. Once educated by us, they leave because we lack employment opportunities for them. We must do better at forming partnerships and courting higher wage jobs to keep families together and to reap the rewards of our education investments in our youth. We also need to form public-private partnerships to provide decent housing options for our younger citizens.


Answers are needed for Tennessee high stakes testing.
It is time to quit wasting money on high stakes testing that provide nothing but misery. Wasting over $30 million on unusable scores is a government spending fiasco that we MUST fix. Time to replace special interests with the interests of students, parents, and local districts.

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